How to run application before login in apalis imx6 on linux

Please have a look at the systemd section in this How to Autorun application at the start up in Linux article.

i want to run my c binary before login please tell me where should i store my file so that it will run on boot up before login i am not getting how to use systemd

Have a look at the example unit file provided in the article. One can store the application binary in ‘/usr/bin’ directory. The same absolute path need to be provided in the unit file [Service] section. As in the example service file systemd will start ‘/usr/bin/mydatalogger’ binary during boot. Please recheck the systemd example unit file and systemd documentation for more information.

after systemctl --system daemon-reload command i am getting following error

system-sysv-generator[658] could not find init script for Entry.service

Please provide adequate details. Please share the systemd service file and the script which the service tries to start at bootup. Where do you place the srcipt, your application binary and the systemd service file exactly?

I have kept my binary at /usr/bin/Entry and I have written a entry.service as shown below

Description=mydatalogger service, collects and logs data in the background

this entry.service I have copied in etc/systemd/system

What is the image version you use on Apalis iMX6? What is the output of cat /etc/issue? I could not reproduce the issue “system-sysv-generator[658] could not find init script for Entry.service” at my end.