How to restore the Config Block

I have an iMX6DL module which does not boot, when I power it does not appear any message in the debug console, what I did was try to flash with ToradexEasyInstaller, I enter the recovery mode well by hardware and the easy installer files start to load but then appears the error: Reading Config Block failed and asks me to restore it. How can I do this?
I enclose an image of the error and the log that appears while the EasyInstaller is loaded
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Dear @RamonM,

It seems that completely erased flash on that device. Is it in one module or multiple modules?
Could you please share the detailed description of what you did before you saw the issue?

Please follow this documentation : to recover the module.

Let us know if you face any issue on this?

Let me check if I can solve it with this and I give you feedback