How to remove the weston topbar in TorizonCore


  • Verdin iMX8M Plus on Dahlia Carrier Board
  • TorizonCore 6.1.0 (There is just a device tree overlay modification to run the DSI to LVDS adapter on a 7 inch panel)
    When I start the weston container to be able to use graphical application, I get the weston topbar:
docker run -e ACCEPT_FSL_EULA=1 -d --rm --name=weston --net=host --cap-add CAP_SYS_TTY_CONFIG \
     -v /dev:/dev -v /tmp:/tmp -v /run/udev/:/run/udev/ \
     --device-cgroup-rule='c 4:* rmw' --device-cgroup-rule='c 13:* rmw' \
     --device-cgroup-rule='c 199:* rmw' --device-cgroup-rule='c 226:* rmw' \
     torizon/weston-vivante:$CT_TAG_WESTON_VIVANTE --developer weston-launch \
     --tty=/dev/tty7 --user=torizon

This is a bit annoying because when I launch a flutter application in fullscreen, this bar stays there. How can I remove it in Torizon? I know that you can change weston.ini to theoretically remove it but to do that I would need to modify the weston-vivante image, no?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @mnano , to remove topbar, you can delete --developer from your command during launching a weston container. There are two kinds of weston.ini files in the docker image. You can find the details here.