How to reinstall Toradex Easy Installer

the Easy Installer comes as a bootable distribution. Is it possible to run just the application from a running linux system? For example I could boot a system from SD card, launch the easy installer in order to flash the image to mmc.

The problem is, that in our board, we do not have USB-OTG to load the easy installer via USB. So this involves putting the board into the Ixora, which is a time consuming task.

This is more or less for development and test purposes. I could also just dd the complete MMC with Easy Installer installed to a file, and put it back whenever I want (from linux running from SD-card). But I am not sure if that is a good idea. Board-specific settings would be overwritten, as discussed in this thread, like Toradex config.
Are there more of these settings, that needed to be considered?


hi @mkock: Is the issue solved now?

No Problem. Thanks for the feedback.

Oops, I have overlooked the distro-boot feature…
I will be using this. No need to use dd etc…

yes. sorry for the noise