How to reduce the size of rootfs?

Hi support team,

I have compiled core-image-minimal and still it too much bigger size of the rootfs. I want to cover my rootfs withing 10mb with basic functionality. I have also tried without Angstrom distro then I achieved whatever I wants.But I have to use angstrom distro features and achieve it.

few basic details:
current scenario:

Angstrom-core-image-minimal-glibc-ipk-v2015.06-colibri-vf.rootfs.tar.bz2 == 16.9 MB (1,68,89,937 bytes)
After extract bz2 it memory usage near around 25Mb.

My Requirement:

Linux kernel zImage size = 4.2Mb
Extra space maximum = 8-10Mb (will be provide)

Could you share any thought on this stuff? How can I achieve it?

Thank you.
Kanji Viroja.


Not installing any of the recommended packages might give you a much smaller rootfs.

Another great source of information can be found in the buildhistory, e.g. have a look at the files in


I had tried it and I am compiling minimal image and there was also I removed extended packages.but still size is much more. Actually there was udev taking 5.1mb and systemd taking 6.3mb this two service is heavily do you have any other ideas to replace these services with lightweight service.

Using systemd as startup manager is a distribution choice, Ångström selects systemd in meta-angstrom/conf/distro/include/ using VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager. You can use sysvinit as init manager, however you get outside of what is tested by the distribution…

If you want get rid of systemd I recommend to use the Yocto reference distribution Poky, which does not use systemd as init daemon. See my blog post how to build a vanilla Yocto image.

Thanks Stefan Agner. You were right.There was nothing meaning of the replacement with angstrom distribution and its better to move on poky distro.