How to recover a Colibri MX6 using ASTER carrier board?

Is it possible to recover a Colibri MX6 mounted on an Aster board?
I want to load the new Easy Installer into eMMC.
I read the documentation but I’m unable to find the USB-OTG connector on Aster.

Hi koan,

I currently work with the same carrier board (also just started). The recovery works for me with the description on the page you linked. The trick however is that you need to connect both micro USB ports to your computer. This means you have two USB connections, not just one. This is unfortunately not yet documented on the page, and I also found it somewhere in the forum.

With the two USB connections, the ./ script (or the Windows equivalent) should work as expected.

Only USB-OTG is required for the ./ script to work. Other USB only provides UART and when JP1 is shorted, power.