How to prepare image nk.bin file for easy installer

How to prepare image file (nk.bin) for toradex easy installer?

I add to the question. I want to know what format my image should have in order to install it with EasyInstaller.


Did you try using nbx?

You can download files from here → Toradex Documents - iMX6 WinCE7 Image Beta tezi and try to replace files you want to update

I use the,

with my own nk.nb0 file instead of nk.nbx. That works :slight_smile:

You found this file in the same directory, as the nk.bin file.

Angelo and luka.tx

Tanks for your reply!
How transform my image in nk nkx file?


Please help me!!!

As Angelo said you can find nk.nb0 file in the same directory as nk.bin. After that you just need to replace file in the TEZI package and fix JSON file to point to nk.nb0