How to play video on iMX7 WEC7?

We want to play back short video in our application on the iMX7 using WEC7.

Since the Toradex media player is only provided on Tegra only (see Media Player (Colibri) | Toradex Developer Center) I tried this sample code provided by Toradex: Video Playback (WinCE) | Toradex Developer Center

Starting the program fails right away with the error message: “COM object failed to initialize.” This comes from failing to initialize the DirectShow object instance. On the T20, the sample code works fine.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue of the decoder (like this Video Playback not working on WinCE - Technical Support - Toradex Community) because the code doesn’t even get to the point to select a file.

Is the iMX7 WEC7 image missing DirectShow altogether?
What can we do?

Thanks for your great support.

Hi @MessagePump ,

Our standard iMX7 Image does not include any DirectShow functionality.
You could build your own Image with DirectShow support, but since the iMX7 does not have any HW accelerated Video Decoding the performance will be very poor for anything more than QVGA.
Tegra is the much better Platform if you need Video Playback capabilities.

Thanks for your fast reaction @germano.tx. It’s good to know.