How to overclock VF61

Hi all,

I want to know if it is possible overclock my VF61 to increase speed.
If yes, How can i do that?
Any inconvenient you have to mentioned about overclock VF61?
any additional comssumption?

Thanks for the information

Dear @Kernel01,

We are operating the CPU maximum frequency of 500Mhz. We saw this note

Cortex-A5 core clock has to be
synchronous to rest of the system

at page no 619, Vybrid TRM. Maybe if you do overclock, peripherals data would be corrupted.
Also overclocking might reduce the lifetime of the chip and chances of voiding our warranty. Therefore we don’t promise anything.

Are you using 1.1B2 WinCE release image? Our latest release is 1.7B2.

Why don’t you consider our i.MX6 products, it will operate at 800MHz/1GHz, WEC7 and WEC2013 support available. Please let us know your thoughts on this.

i can’t use IMX6 produto in windowsEC because is not suspend mode implemented. This is one of our requeriments of our system. I know it is in linux but to do that we have to change almost everything to adapt it.

So this is posible? i can make this happens? So, any guide?

Dear @Kernel01,

Suspend and Resume not supported by the iMX6 and iMX7. T30, T20, and Vybrid support suspend and resume.

We don’t have a plan to implement suspend and resume for IMX6 and IMX7. But, you would consider T20 or T30 which supports suspend and Resume. Let us know would you interested in T20 or T30.

If you share more details about your suspend and resume product requirements, we may have suggestions through our expertise.