How to optimization rootfs or reduce size of the rootfs?

Hi guys,
How to optimize to the rootfs for the colibri vf50. I need only UART+ETHERNET+JAVA rest of all stuff unnecessary for how to achieve this things with smallest rootfs.such as withing 40mb it will be covered.

Please share your thought regarding to my requirement.

Thank you.
Kanji Viroja.

This should be achievable using our Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded-Core build system, although JREs tend to be rather large. You can either start with the “console-trdx-image” image recipe and widdle away unnecessary packages or you can build the “core-image-minimal” image recipe.

I recommend viewing these webinars related to the build system (although they don’t cover everything you need to do to meet your needs):

Building of core-image-minimal will require using a different distro called Poky - use of Poky is covered by an article at our blog.

You might also view this webinar about optimizing boot time which discusses building a very minimal image.

Which JRE do you plan to use? OpenJDK JREs available through meta-java are probably ~35MB or so. Its a little harder to say with Oracle JREs - the full Java SE JREs from Oracle are probably similarly sized; although smaller Java Embedded JREs can be generated. Size optimization should be possible with either of these options. There are 3rd party embedded ARM JREs as well.

I have been planning to use Oracle JRE and it takes I have to decide withing 40-45mb all things will be covered ROOTFS+ORACLE JRE(Runtime only required).

@kanjiviroja, I think this is doable with console-trdx-image. Take a look at meta-toradex/recipes/images/; You can probably get rid of many/most of the utilities included in the IMAGE_INSTALL variable here which may allow you to reach your goal.