How to obtain the data of the colibri imx6 card


I would like to take the data from the IMX6DL colibri card to my host computer.

The problem is that the card has not got any Easy Toradex installer or OS installed so I only can see the logo on the screen and I can not get the IP from “minicom” to transfer the data to my host computer by using the scp command.

Do you have any suggestions or other ways to do it?

Thank you.

Dear @Foxer, since the Colibri iMX6 feats an eMMC flash, you can use the UMS mode from U-boot to achieve this. Here is some documentation to help you throughout the process. You need to use the USB-OTG mode (Which carrier board are you using?)


Hello @alvaro.tx for answer me.

I am using the Colibri Evaluation Board.

@Foxer, then simply connect a MicroUSB to X30 or a USB Type B cable for X29 (both connections are next to the reset button) and follow the documentation.

@alvaro.tx Is there any possibility that I send you the colibri card that has the information, clone it in a new one and send it to me? Of course, I will send you the money you think is appropriate.

For me it is very important and necessary. Thank you

hi @Foxer,
No, we don’t do this. You got all the Information to copy the data from the eMMC Flash to your host in the link provide above.
Best regards, Jaski