How to obtain leased IP addresses

You suggest to configure DHCP server using systemd-networkd. (DHCP Server installation on Apalis TK1 with angstrom linux - Technical Support - Toradex Community)
I can not find where systemd-networkd configured with “[DHCPserver]” caches assigned IPs.
Does it have some place like dhcpd (/var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases) does? Help!


That is not implemented.

See here.


ОК! Is there a way to install dhcpd on toradex linux and work via dhcpd? Seems, it is not good idea to grep logs.

Yes, you can install the dhcp-server.

  • opkg update list
  • opkg install dhcp-server

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Thank U very much!

You are welcome.