How to merge executable exe with other deployed files or to hide deployed files

how to hide deployed files in qt application. or to merge it with exe
for example this application How to create a Qt application | Toradex Developer Center

You could mark the files all as “hidden” on your PC, then they would not show up on the device other than you also show the hidden files. Or you mark them as hidden directly on the device (right click on the file → Properties: Tick the hidden flag).

yes it is possible but any one can change setting to show hidden files. there is any solution to hide permanently deployed files.

One solution would be to statically all the files? But please check the licence on all the files you plan to link. Some licences do not allow for static linking.

this solution will not work for me there are some other solution?

There is no option to permanently hide files from a user.

You can disable the Explorer to make it harder for your customers to replace files. But if there is a FileOpen dialog in your application this could be used to copy files.

If you need to prevent file replacement, you need to encrypt or sign your original file, so your application can verify that the file was not modified.