How to load bitmap from jpeg file in CE6 VF61

We are building a feature that will allow a PC application to send to our devices a base64 encoded image the devices will show as a background image (800x480 px).
The size of a base64 from a raw bitmap is considerable and sending a base64 from a jpeg would be a far better choice.
On another product line (T20 CE7) we implemented in the past a feature that shows images loaded from jpeg files, by loading the system library CEaygshell.dll and calling SHLoadImageFile to get an HBITMAP from a filename.

I now see in the \System folder there is no such library available on the VF61 CE6, is that correct?
How can we overcome this? Is there another solution or workaround use a jpeg?

Thank you

Colibri VF61 256MB IT V1.2B
Custom Board
WinCE6 BSP 1.5

I’m not familiar with that topic however it looks like you can use GDI+. Please refer to next documents: