How to list the correct output interface of an Colibri EVAL board

I’m attaching a “Resistive Touch Display 7” on connector X34.
How can a determine the correct interface name for use in weston.ini file in the output ?

Greetings @bkennis,

To figure out the display interface names to use in Weston you can check the contents of /sys/class/drm. For example you would see something like this:

ls /sys/class/drm
card0  card1  card1-HDMI-A-1  card1-LVDS-1  renderD128              renderD129  version

In this example the relevant interface names would be HDMI-A-1 or LVDS-1. You shouldn’t need the card1-* part of the name. If I remember correctly for parallel RGB displays like the resistive touch display, the interface name should be something like DPI-1 or similar. Make sure to check the exact name for yourself on your system to be sure.

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