How to know the IP address of target board

here i am using the colibri IMX77 1GB and colibri evaluation board.
I am following the quick start guide steps .
for booting the board, in this steps they mentioned "how to note down the IP address of target board ".
as per the quick start guide I was noted the IP address as
This is working for connecting to linux pc using putty, after 2 days later I am not able to connect to the target board .
At this moment I want to know the IP address of the target board.
How can I get the IP address of target board.
On monitor I am getting the screen like this .

can any one help me ?
1.Even I don’t understand what is the exact problem.
2.while connecting on putty i am not able to connect to target board.

You can get it via command “ip addr show” via terminal console of Debug Console by DEBUG USB.

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To connect in local network the best is to use avahi and ping/connect by name. Avahi service should be enabled by default. Knowing colibri host name, which should be something like colibri_imx7 by default, you need to add .local suffix and ping/connect to from Windows 10/Ubuntu to colibri_imx7.local instead of unknown DHCP assigned IP.


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How can i open the usb debug console.
here i am new to this board debugging

Hello @TRINU,

Here are two articles that may help you:

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Your serial terminal was misconfigured and now you are able to get the debug messages and also get the IP address.
Let us know if you face any issue in future.

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