How to install tools onto minimal yokto image?

Apalis iMX8


I’m using the above referenced IMX8 Minimal image.

This may be more of a Linux question, but how do you start installing drivers / tools onto the image? I’m used to linux environments where I can use Apt or Apt-get to start installing packages.

All I want to do is create an application that can communicate via a USB / COM port to another device. But it doesn’t have a GCC compiler on, and I doubt it has the COM driver as-well. I don’t know how to proceed and if someone could just point me in the direction of some reading material. I would be very appreciative.


Nick D.

As far as I know, Toradex doesn’t provide binary packages except for the basic images anymore. You need to build them by your own.

See OpenEmbedded (core) - Toradex System/Computer on Modules


Thank you very much! I will read into those links.

If you wish to configure your system by installing binary packages - you can use a Torizon platform with Debian container.