How to Install the Linux OS in Torodex and IMX8

I am new to this, Can you please tell me how to install the Linux on Torodex with IMX8. Anyone help me on this.
Thanks & I am waiting for your quick response.


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Can you please have a look at our quickstart guide? Quickstart Guide - Toradex

It shall help you install the image and do some initial configurations on our side.

Please tell me if this helps.

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Thanks for the reply.

Kindly please share the step by step installation process to install the LINUX on Terodex with IMX8.

Any update. I am waiting for your reply.



The quickstart guide link shared on the previous reply has step by step installation process.
You need to select you module, carrier board and OS from the available options and click start.
You will find installation process in the subsequent steps.
By default Toradex Easy installer is flashed on the new modules, in case it is not there , follow here (same is there in the quickstart guide)