How to install perf on the toradex board

Hi, I would like to know how can I install the monitoring tool called perf on the toradex since whenever i type opkg install perf it says theres no package to satisfy perf.

hi @iagosilvestre

The Tool perf is included in our regular demo Bsp since Bsp 2.8b3. You should update to the Bsp 2.8b4, since the older versions are not supported any more.

Best regards, Jaski

I’ve updated to 2.8b4 but whenever I type in the terminal perf record it says command not found, is there anything else I need to install to get it to work?

We only included it on eMMC based modules as NAND based ones are rather space constrained. So you would need to build a custom image including it according to your requirements.

Are there any other performance tools like perf that I could install through opkg install or they all rely on building a custom image?

It depends on what you want to do. You can use these tools. If they are not installed on the module, some of can be installed through opkg. In the case the are not included in the image as the tool perf, then you will need to do a custom build.