How to Install NTP server in colibri T20?

I need to install NTP server on colibri T20 machine. While installing this package using apt-get install

  • “apt-get install ntp”
    it shows the following error,
    “Command not found - apt-get”

How to install ntp on colibri T20 machine?

What exact hardware and software versions of things are you talking about?

Colibri T20 512MB v1.2a

And the software?

software version - Colibri-T20_Qt5-X11-Image_2.7.5

Thanks for your answer.
You can install ntp using the following commands:

  1. opkg update list
  2. opkg install ntp

Best regards, Jaski

Thank you very much. it is working.

Perfect. Thanks for the feedback.