How to install .Net framework if not included in OS image


I tried to make WEC2013 OS image with the workspace (v1.0) and BSP(v1.0) provided on your site. Which failed unfortunately due to some build error in the BSP. I wanted to build an OS image with .Net 3.9 framework installed.

I have an application that needs .Net 3.9 framework. I found the framework in

As a workaround of making an OS image with .Net 3.9, I installed the cab file in above zip and the app runs fine. But when I reboot the hardware, it looks for .Net that was installed before and the app fails to run.

My question is, is there a way to run a .Net app without an OS image which doesn’t have .Net framework included in the platform builder? if so, how?


2 questions.
1: Have you run the reg save from the UpdateTool after .NET 3.9 install?

2: Have you installed the .NET 3.9 from the Flashdisk or from USB? I have seen that if I didn’t copy the .NET 3.9 CAB installer to the FlashDisk before install it wont work after a rebbot.

So try copy the CAB installer to the FlashDisk and install it from there. Then save the registry and reboot.

I’m sure it would work for you then!


In the image 1.0 there is an issue regarding .NET applications. We are in process of releasing new image but it will take some time. You can use older version for now. Or contact support over email and reference this thread. We will provide you with early build of the image.

Where can I find the older versions?

Take a look at this site:
“Can you try and download from here →