How to install jdk 8 on colibri T30 with Linux.?

We would like to execute jre 8 pointing jars on Linux image of Colibri T30, for which we need to install jdk8/jre8 which is not happening due to some reason which we couldn’t make after trying different JDK8 Snapshots from Oracle. Kindly assist if any workarounds get jdk8 running on T30 with Linux.
Thanks in advance.

Can you describe which JREs/JDKs you’ve already tried from Oracle and elsewhere? What errors are you seeing? And which Linux image version are you using on the T30?

jdk-8u77-linux-i586.tar.gz,,jre-8u77-linux-i586.tar.gz these are the few packages I have tried and there is no such error which I can quote, but after updating–alternatives and changing PATH to installed directory java -version command gives nothing exist. Linux Release : v2015.06, Angstrom GNU (Core edition).

Well, This issue got resolved by changing Jdk8 with jdk-8u20-ea-bin-b17-linux-arm-vfp-hflt-03_jun_2014.tar.gz as said .

But now we are getting the following error while creating UI window : eglCreateWindowSurface failed! eglGetError 12296alt text

Hm, Java seems to try using the EGL API. As far as I am aware EGL is not available on Colibri T30. The NVidia Tegra drivers for Embedded Linux support OpenGL and OpenGL ES only through X using GLX. Can you configure Java to use GLX instead of EGL?

Note that newer releases of Oracle JDK do not support Java FX.

Disabling the hardware acceleration altogether helps perhaps.

Which JDK 8 file is suitable for Colibri iMX7 Linux Yocto?

Hi @Yedid, Could you ask a new Question with all the necessary Information, please? Thanks.