How to install especific fonts in WEC7?

In our carrierboard we have an application running on WEC7 / Colibri iMX6DL, this application requires two fonts that are not installed in the BSP (Symbol.ttf and Wingding.ttf).

A requirement of our device is that the explorer.exe is disabled by default

To solve the issue of missing fonts we use the EarlyAutoCopy tool to copy them to the windows folder every time the device starts. This works only with the explorer active, if you disabled it, the fonts are never copied.

Another possible solution that we tried was to change the fontpath in the windows registry to \ FlashDisk \ fonts so that you do not have to copy the files with each reboot but in the same way it only works with the explorer active

Do you have any idea how we could solve our problem?

Best regards

Dear @RamonM,

I quickly tested east asian fonts with explorer disabled, didn’t see the issue. Please refer the registry for font integration changes.
Please refer FontDemo project, there are some examples of how we tested the fonts, it might help solve your issue.

Let me know your feedback on this

Hi @raja.tx

I have already been able to solve this. Thank you

The problem is that I was modifying the path in


and not in


Thank you