How to Install DOCKER on Colibri T30

For our application, we need to install DOCKER ( into the Colibri module (T20, T30, iMX6 or iMX7 - Linux Debian or Ubuntu).
We do not need any graphic / multimedia features. Only text console.
We are also willing to accept paid technical support.
So far, I only worked with Windows. I’m a beginner in Linux.
Thank you.

We never experimented with docker on such embedded systems as we do not believe in it being 42. However it seems to be available from meta-virtualization so one may just include it in a regular Angstrom/OpenEmbedded/Yocto Project build and do with it as you please. Alternatively of course you are very welcome to task one of our partner network companies in helping you setting this all up.

I’m testing this system on Odroid C1+ and Odroid C2 modules. This system on Odroid modules works reliably. However, this Odroid module is not produced for negative temperatures. I wanted to test the Colibri modules. But here I have a problem installing Ubuntu. If I could install Ubuntu on the Colibri module (such as iMX7), installing Docker is no longer a problem. Our group has already applied more than 800 Colibri modules (mostly PXA320 IT). That’s why I want to continue to use your modules.
Thank you.

This probably doesn’t work well with T30. The kernel is old and there needs to be overlayfs patched into the kernel. Perhaps the easiest way to build an image with docker is to build ResinOS which does this patching (at least for newer kernels), although some work is necessary to integrate toradex meta layers. This is easiest for iMX6 Toradex modules.
The better approach is probably to use runC (container without fs overlays). Although I still don’t think we’ve tested this on T30.

As @elitronic does not need any graphics/multimedia features they could just go with stock ARM Debian or Ubuntu I guess. Not really being a Debian/Ubuntu advocate I never tried this but I do know that Fedora ARM works just fine on T30 either from an SD card using distro boot or flashed into eMMC by replacing resp. artefacts in our regular legacy update package.

I’m a beginner in Linux. The Visionect software suite needs a Docker container to run. The system was tested by a supplier on Freescale i.MX 6 Sabre Lite (we use HTTP backend). The armhf architecture supports Docker CE only on Debian / Ubuntu Linux. We need an industrial range of working temperatures. We think the Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB IT or Colibri iMX7 Dual 1GB could suit us. But we must have these modules with Debian / Ubuntu Linux. We’re looking for someone to help us. Thank you.

I understand that you are a beginner in Linux which is why I suggested you asking one of our partner companies for help.

Can you recommend one of your many partner companies? An advantage would be if she had a seat in Europe. Thank you.

Sure, how about filtering for it?

Thank you for your help. But it is easier for us to start looking for other HW solutions.