How to initilaize the 5” LCD st7701s as SPI and interface with 18 bit RGB parallel

We are using 5 inch TFT with (st7701s) SPI interface for Control and RGB 18 bit interface for data Please help us how to init the tft over spi in kernel and uboot
we are using below hardware

Colibri iMX7D 1GB V1.1A
Colibri Evaluation Board 3.2B
Linux BSP 5.4.6

Hi @inopstech,

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Regarding your query I am afraid to say, we have not tested display over SPI. The supported interface for Colibri family are 18 bit parallel RGB(with vysnc, plk, hsync, polarity), HDMI(if module support), LVDS from RGB. If possible I will suggest you to find 5 inch display on parallel interface which will be more easy to interface. Please check Colibri iMX7 datasheet for more info on same.

If you really need to interface same display, you are required to build custom kernel with driver for the same. There is driver available but we never tested same.
Please check below link for reference

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Ritesh Kumar

Hi Ritesh

Thank you for the reply.

We are not using the display via SPI.

We are using 18 bit RGB Interface only.

But the ST7701 Driver has to be initialized over SPI before using in RGB interafce.

So we requested for how to implement the ST7701 driver for Uboot and Kernel.

i.e where we have to change to init ST7701 OVER spi WHEN UBOOT STARTED AND KERNEL STARTED



Hi @inopstech ,

You can get kernel source code and instruction from below link

You either need to make custom driver or find one which will initialise your display over SPI for RGB.

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Ritesh Kumar