How to increse writing speed

Hi all,
In our applcation we have to write 400MB/minute data into hard disk. Upto 200MB/minute it can write. When we increase the data to more than 200MB/minute, it cannot write into hard drive. Please suggest any method to solve this issue.

Regular HDD’s top at 150MB/s sustained speeds in the first half of disk surface. In the second half this drops about ~1.5 times. Good and very good HDD’s may achibe > 200MB/s, but still in the first half of disk surface. SATA SSD’s may top at ~500MB/s . You should try implementing some HW/SW raid, striped/columned volume.

Could you please clarify - Do you need a 400MB/Minute or 400MB/Second ?
Please also specify you HDD model and Linux image version.