How to implement Node.js in T30

In youtube pls Search node.js in toradex i came across a video. I’m curious to now know how to implement Node.js

Node.js may be installed on our Linux image via the package manager (opkg). I recommend first updating the module to our latest Linux image.

With the module booted into Linux, use the command line to:

  1. Update the opkg package listing:

    opkg update

  2. Install Node.js:

    opkg install nodejs

  3. (Optionally) install NPM (Node.js Package Manager):

    opkg install nodejs-npm

Additionally, you may need to install other dependencies such as python and various python modules depending on the needs of your application.

Thanks a Bunch ! I’m also interested to know whether we support cylon.js as well? Its a JavaScript framework for robotics.

@Ashvin I converted your answer to a comment. As for cylon.js - it is not explicitly available from our package repositories, but it should be installable using NPM (the Node.js package manager). Although I haven’t tested it myself, try:

npm install cylon

What are some various python modules? Can i use twisted and flask?

@koustubhavachat I specifically meant that some python modules may be indirectly required for a Node.js appilcation - I wouldn’t expect twisted or flask to be needed by a Node.js application; they’re more likely to be considered alternatives to Node.js.

However, twisted and flask are available from our repositories and can be installed using the package manager (opkg). Simply enter:
opkg install python-twisted
opkg install python-flask

Thank you so much Brandon shibley !