How to give access to hardware in Torizon IDE Extension 2 for Visual Studio Code

I’m working with Torizon for the first time in a while. I’m using Visual Studio Code with the Torizon IDE Extension v2.2.2. I remember with the previous version of the IDE extension that there was a simple way to add a list of devices that the application container would get access to, like the picture below. With the new IDE extension I can’t figure out how to give my application access to hardware like /dev/gpiochip0. Hopefully this is something simple.

How to Use UART with Torizon Visual Studio Code Extension (Python) | Toradex Developer Center

Greetings @MikeS,

With the V2.0 IDE extension you now instead modify the docker-compose file directly. In your projects there should be a docker-compose.yml. To modify the parameters of your container you need to modify this. So for example to add a device:

Notice in the screenshot how I added access for the uarts here. As a side-note the compose file has definitions for both release and debug. Make sure you add your changes to the correct definition depending on what you’re testing. For more information on syntax and possible changes you can reference the compose file specification from Docker here: Compose file version 3 reference | Docker Docs

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Thanks @jeremias.tx, that’s what I needed to know!

Glad I could help!