How to get Torizon IDE Extension 2 on Ubuntu ARM64


I’m new to the Toradex ecosystem and was wondering how to install the Torizon IDE Extension 2 for vscode on a Ubuntu Parallels. I can find the extension in vscode but installing is disabled since its not available for Linux ARM64.

Hey @bengur ,

The Toradex Extension is currently not supported to run on arm64. Are you able to run a x86_64 VM?


Since you are a beginner I feel compelled to chime in.

I am stunned you got Ubuntu to install under Parallels on Apple. Historically it either fails to install or corrupts itself shortly after the install. Parallels is not a good product. If you must run on Apple, use Oracle VirtualBox for your VM.

As a general rule, Apple doesn’t exist in the embedded world. Doesn’t seem to matter what brand of SOM/SOC/whatever you choose, the only platform development tools both exist for and have been tested on are x86_64 Ubuntu.

Free advice, always use the “default” Ubuntu ISO, not one of the LUbuntu/KUbuntu/etc. flavors. Nobody likes the standard Ubuntu desktop (though it is a touch better than the Unity desktop they had) but it is the only thing you can be certain was tested. When you start adding on/using different desktops things get wonky.

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Thanks for the info! My work laptop is a Silicon Mac but I’ll seriously consider moving over to VirtualBox from Parallels.


While what has been stated above regarding the plugins not working on ARM64 is true, I have been using an M1 Mac for embedded work for several years now. It’s not immune to problems, but I find it a stellar platform this kind of work. I also use Parallels on M1 with Ubuntu and Windows on a daily basis. In my personal experience, I have found that Parallels is not any more buggy than VirtualBox. In fact, as you probably know, Parallels has a number of nice features that VirtualBox and Fusion do not have.

That being said, as some have stated above, I have had problems with using desktops other than the default provided with 20.04 and 22.04… so I typically stick with the default.

The Toradex plugins do provide a few nice features, but you can live without them. I use VS Code and Docker on the M1 and connect through to the Toradex containers with very few problems. The docker command line works great and you can use the new “—context” parameter to work with the remote docker engine running on the Toradex board. If you prefer to avoid the command line, you can use the remote ssh and docker extensions in VSCode to streamline some of this.

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@eric.tx Following on this older post, are there any plans that you know of to support the Torizon IDE extensions on ARM64?


No not at this time.