How to get audio using Qt5 application in Apalis i.MX6q?

Hi Community,

I am exploring Ixora + Apalis i.MX6Q board with Qt5 image. I want to get audio from 3.5mm onboard jack from Ixora using Qt5.

Can any one please help me?? Some sample code will be helpful.
Also, currently I am building angstorm-qt5 image with yocto, do I need to add any packages to get audio??

Waiting for your immediate response as this is blocking my some other task.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @KeppyMAN

Welcome to Toradex community.

Unfortunately, we don’t have such sample codes but yes, you can test audio using GStreamer,alsa utilits.
For more information,please refer to our audio-linux article.

Try qt multimedia player for playing audio and video
Qt5 multimedia player.