How to flash TEZI using SD card on IMX8QM Apalis Evaluation board?

I have tried flashing the toradex easy installer for the IMX8QM Apalis evaluation board using the SD card with the steps mentioned in the given link, but it didn’t work.

Loading toradex easy installer

Screenshot 2024-03-01 124800

Screenshot 2024-03-01 124859

Hi @hari,
Please note that there is a difference between flashing from external storage and loading from external storage.
In flashing, you store the final image to modules eMMC from the external storage while in loading, you boot from external storage.
In your case, you are trying to load Toradex Easy Installer from SD card.

I quickly tested it and was able to boot Toradex Easy Installer from SD card. Here is the attached logs (Tested using Toradex easy Installer 5.7.2)

Hi @hari.
I forgot to mention that I tested with BSP 5.7.
Please always write your development environment.

Thank you @sahil.tx,
Did you follow the exact steps from the above link for loading the easy installer through SD card. If there was any changes made, could you please share the steps? Also can you share the environment variables from uboot?

Hi @sahil.tx,
The easy installer version used is :

The images are:
from Yocto build.

Hi @hari ,

There is no changes in the uboot if you are using SD card. The below steps were used

  1. Copy Toradex Easy installer to FAT formatted SD card.
  2. Rename the file boot-tezi.scr to boot.scr
  3. Attach the SD card to the board.
  4. Reboot

Also, you seems to be using custom image, first test with the default Toradex image.

Thanks @sahil.tx,
We are still unable to load tezi. This is the log:

U-Boot 2022.04-6.4.0+git.dc27426aa417 (Sep 25 2023 - 13:34:50 +0000)
CPU:   NXP i.MX8QM RevB A53 at 1200 MHz at 30C
DRAM:  8 GiB
Core:  193 devices, 19 uclasses, devicetree: separate
Loading Environment from MMC... OK
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Model: Toradex 0067 Apalis iMX8QM 8GB WB IT V1.1A
Serial#: 14904126
  - SCFW 6638c032, SECO-FW c9de51c0, IMX-MKIMAGE 3bfcfccb, ATF 3c1583b
  - U-Boot 2022.04-6.4.0+git.dc27426aa417
flash target is MMC:0
Net:   eth0: ethernet@5b040000
Fastboot: Normal
Normal Boot
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc1 is current device
Scanning mmc 1:1...
Found U-Boot script /boot.scr
3246 bytes read in 5 ms (633.8 KiB/s)
## Executing script at 9d480000
43 bytes read in 2 ms (20.5 KiB/s)
106496 bytes read in 10 ms (10.2 MiB/s)
Unknown command 'hdp' - try 'help'
SCRIPT FAILED: continuing...
MMC: no card present
switch to partitions #0, OK
mmc0(part 0) is current device
Scanning mmc 0:1...
starting USB...
Bus usb@5b0d0000: Port not available.
Bus usbh3: XHCI-imx8 init hccr 0x000000005b130000 and hcor 0x000000005b130080 hc_length 128
Register 2000820 NbrPorts 2
Starting the controller
scanning bus usbh3 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found
       scanning usb for storage devices... 0 Storage Device(s) found
Device 0: unknown device
ethernet@5b040000 Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete......... TIMEOUT !
Could not initialize PHY ethernet@5b040000
BOOTP broadcast 1
BOOTP broadcast 2
BOOTP broadcast 3
BOOTP broadcast 4
BOOTP broadcast 5
BOOTP broadcast 6
BOOTP broadcast 7
BOOTP broadcast 8
BOOTP broadcast 9
BOOTP broadcast 10
BOOTP broadcast 11
BOOTP broadcast 12
BOOTP broadcast 13
BOOTP broadcast 14
BOOTP broadcast 15
BOOTP broadcast 16
BOOTP broadcast 17
Retry time exceeded; starting again
Apalis iMX8 #

Also, which all files should we include in the easy installer folder and should we keep the rootfs and bootfs image file in the same partition?

Hi @hari ,
For booting Toradex easy installer from SD card, only Toradex easy installer files are needed.
After it has been booted, it will look for images on Toradex server, SD card and USB drive and shows you the image list on the GUI.

Hi @sahil.tx ,
I have tried with the Toradex easy installer versions :5.7.5, 5.7.2, 5.7.1 with the image Apalix imx8 6.6.0-devel-20240307 and the same error keeps on occurring.

Hi @hari ,
If you are using BSP 6, please use this toradex easy installer.

Thanks @sahil.tx , It worked.
Is this version available on the website?

Hi @hari ,

Download link will be available soon on our developer article.
Untill then you can check here

Ok @sahil.tx,
Thank you