How to Flash initramfs Image Deploy on i.MX8?

Hello ,
I want to build a initramfs image for Apalis Imx8qm.
I’m using a tdx minimal image using this post

and bellow command to deploy initramfs to the Kernel.

bitbake initramfs-debug-image
bitbake  virtual/kernel -c deploy -f

I successfully generated a .cpio.gz file


Then copied it to a USB drive. With the i.MX8 in the Ixora carrier board,then using Apalis-iMX8_ToradexEasyInstaller_5.7 and then


but i couldnt flash it using TeasyInstaller tools because it not recognized by Mass Storage.

I checked it with another Image deploy folder like core-image-minimal-apalis and understood that it hasnt image-core-image-minimal.json file.

Now,I have a question??

how to write initramfs-debug-image on the Imx8 Apalis.
Totally,Are there a sample as a reference for initramfs image apalis imx8.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello All,
Theres nobody to guide me!!
Waiting for your response.
I am stuck with this issue, any update from your side will be a great help.
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Hi @hhami !

To produce an image that is installable using Tezi, you should make sure to use image_type_tezi.bbclass in your build.

You can reference Toradex Reference Images to base yours on it.

Also, Toradex’s sales team contacted you by e-mail to discuss your use-case. It would be great if you could answer.

Best regards,