How to flash an image in UBOOT using Ethernet in IMX7D

Dear Sir/madam,

we want flash an image in UBOOT using Ethernet .Can you please suggest what are the steps we need to follow to achieve this.

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Hi @chandrashekar
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Could you provide the hardware and software versions of your setup?
Hope you have referred to the production-programming article.if not refer to the same for the production programming.

Hi sir,

Thanks for your reply.It worked well but we need some more information.

we are using custom carrier board with IMX7D having only Ethernet.
BSP version is 5.1
OS version(uname -r) is 5.4.

By using the link provided by you (production -programming) we able to flash for a new SOM.but when we want to change the OS of it we need to connect USB OTG for to take it to Recovery mode and download toradex easy installer.

we are following two methods to flash an old SOM
1.using nginx server and DNS server
2.USB mass storage
but in the both methods we are using USB for downloading toradex easy installer.

can you please suggest a method to flash an image without you using any other pheripheral except Ethernet.


Hi @chandrashekar

Glad it worked.

Regarding loading toradex easy installer from ethernet, Unfortunately, we do not have any such feature as of now. let me check internally and update you.