How to fix the messege "Invalid Config block header", it appears each module starts on Colibri iMX 6 Solo 256 M

I Just flash the image of WinCE8 on my module Colibri iMX6, the process finish OK, but
when I turn the module I get the message “invalid config block header” and i had to type the letter A to select the kind of module, How i Fix this problem?

This usually indicates that the whole flash has been erased, including the factory information.
You can solve this by entering the boot console (press space and the x when prompted, after you selected module type) and using the
restorefactoryinfo command to re-enter information about your module.
You can find serial number and version on the sticker that should be attached to the module.
Command syntax is:
Valid model names are CIMX6S256,CIMX6S256,CIMX6DL512,CIMX6DL512IT,AIMX6Q1024,AIMX6Q2048IT,AIMX6D512