How to fix Docker building of OpenEmbedded (core)

I am following the Toradex OpenEmbedded (core) build instructions (here) but I am running into trouble in the do_image.wic step due to Docker not implementing the FIGETBSZ ioctl for its file system.

After searching, I have found that there have been patches made to correct these problems:

What is the best way to apply these patches so that I can complete the build in Docker? Does Toradex already have an alternative method to build in Docker?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings @aunt_enna,

Are you familiar with our Torizon offering? Torizon | Toradex Developer Center

Torizon is built on on-top of our usual BSP using yocto. It has a couple of features namely Docker already installed and set-up in it’s build. Would this suffice for your requirements?

Alternatively, if you really require Docker but on our usual BSP then you could still use Torizon by studying the yocto build set-up. Then it’d be easier to try and add this to our non-Torizon BSP.

Best Regards,