How to erase an image from emmc on verdin i.Mx 8M Plus development board

Hi ,
My requriment is to earse an image which is already in the board and depoly an new image.
I have built an image and I want to depoly that image on to my board ,but previsouly I had depolyed an reference image (Torizon image )using SD card and then it got loaded into the emmc( whenever I am booting without SD card the image is loading).so now I want to earse that image from emmc and boot this image using the SD card again and load it again into the emmc .
Can you please help me with the process . I would be greatful for any information .Thank you in advance for your help.

My board details
Verdin Development Board V1.1E
Rev 1.1
Verdin iMX8M Plus Q 4GB WBIT
V1.1 A
software Ubuntu 18.04

Whenever you flash an image into the module eMMC, the old image is automatically erased.
You can also load Toradex Easy Installer into modules RAM (simply run Toradex Easy Installer) and from the GUI you can erase flash.

Hi @sahil.tx ,
I have tried booting with SD card and it is working fine .But when I tried to boot without any SD card the old image(Torizon image ) is only getting booted. So I understood that the image is getting boot only with the help of SD card .Now I need to erase the old image from emmc and deploy new image into the emmc from the SD card(for Initial). Can you please help me with that.
Thanks for the support.


  1. You can boot the module from the OS present in SD card by following this article (boot from SD card/USB stick)
  2. You can flash the OS present on SD card to the module eMMC using Toradex Easy Installer.
    You will see the image/OS present on your SD card among the list of images, you can click on install which will discard the old images present on the module eMMC and write the new image