How to enable usbtmc device in torizon core?

I’m using an Apalis SOM on Ixora base. I would like to enable USB device mode as mentioned in this link.
Successfully ACM and the MASS STORAGE is worked. Now I need to enable the USB Test and Measurement Class (TMC). The TMC device class is not mentioned in the below table provided by torizon.

Please help me out!!!

I didn’t see anything related to the USB TMC in the link attached.

Is USB TMC Gadget driver is available for torizon core???

Hi @kkabh ,

If I got this correctly, you’re trying to use the Linux USB Gadget ConfigFS in order to make the Apalis be seen as a USB TMC device?

I did a quick search in the upstream kernel source code (linux/drivers/usb/gadget/function at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub) and I couldn’t find a USBTMC gadget driver. We don’t have it in our downstream kernel either, so unfortunately you don’t have a lot of options here, at least in terms of Linux devices.

You can try to compile a gadget driver someone made for an older Kernel version here: GitHub - gtzhai/linux-driver-usbtmc-gadget: usb tmc gadget driver for linux . Just keep in mind that this is an external code not supported by us, so I’d recommend you analyze the code yourself before proceeding.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

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