How to enable spidev using boot2qt image on imx7

Hello i’ve been looking over the forums and i’ve seen a lot of answers and articles related to disabling the default MCP CAN device and enabling spidev using the .dts file’s, but i haven’t found any of the .dts files on my image dtc is not installed by default from what I can tell.

Is there any explanation for how to enable the spi interface on my board. I’m porting an application over from the raspberry pi which has a simple config.txt scrpit that you can edit to enable spi.

are some of the articles that I’ve looked over. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

Hi @egbio are you using the precompiled boot2qt image? Those will not have the dts files as they are actually processed by the Yocto build system. I think you will need to go back into the Yocto build to be able to make this kind of change. Please let me know if I am misunderstanding your issue.

Yes i am using the precompiled boot2qt image. Is there a repo that contains the file’s used to create this available?

Yes. This link should give you the details. You can do a kernel/dtb build outside of Yocto and that should work with the pre-built boot2qt image.