How to enable RS232 in imx6ull Aster Carrier board

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I am new bie, and i want to know how can i use uart as RS232. what will be the steps to configure uart and how can i test it.

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To enable and use UART as RS232 on the iMX6ULL with an Aster carrier board, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Identify the UART Interface: First, identify which UART interface you wish to use as RS232. The iMX6ULL module supports multiple UART interfaces. The exact UART interface (e.g., UART1, UART2, etc.) will depend on your specific requirements and the pinout configuration of the Aster carrier board.

  2. Configure the Device Tree: You may need to configure the device tree to ensure the UART interface is correctly set up for RS232 communication. This involves modifying the device tree source (DTS) file for your board to enable the UART interface and ensure it is not being used by the system for another purpose (like console output).

    • Locate the DTS file for the Aster carrier board.
    • Find the UART node you wish to configure and ensure it is enabled (status = "okay";).
    • Make sure the pin muxing is correctly configured for RS232 communication on the UART pins you plan to use.
  3. Recompile and Deploy the Device Tree Blob (DTB): After modifying the DTS file, recompile it to generate a new DTB file and deploy it to your board. This step will apply the changes made to the device tree configuration.

  4. Configure the Serial Port in Linux: Once the hardware and device tree are correctly set up, you can configure the serial port in Linux. You can use standard tools like stty to configure the serial port settings (baud rate, parity, stop bits, etc.) according to your RS232 device’s requirements.

    Example command to configure a serial port:

    stty -F /dev/ttyS1 9600 cs8 -cstopb -parenb

    Replace /dev/ttyS1 with the correct device file for your UART interface.

  5. Testing the RS232 Communication: To test the RS232 communication, you can use a terminal emulator program like minicom or screen on your PC, connected to the UART interface through an RS232 cable or a USB-to-RS232 converter.

    • Configure the terminal emulator with the same serial port settings used in the stty command.
    • Connect the RS232 device or a PC running a terminal emulator to the UART interface using the appropriate RS232 cable.
    • Send data from the iMX6ULL

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What changes i need to make in DTS files ?

Hi @Prial ,
Please read about UART from here.
The device tree changes are also given in the article and you can generate dtb as described here.
Note : While posting a query, you also need to tell us your full module name , the carrier board and the OS that you are using.