How to enable LVDS output on Apalis IMX6 with Apalis Evaluation board

I just received the Apalis IMX6 module and the Apalis Evaluation board.

I plugged the module into the board and got UART working. The board is running kernel version 3.10. I then attached my monitor to the lvds output, rebooted the system into the bootloader and paused booting. I set the env variable “vidargs” to “video=mxcfb0:dev=ldb ldb=dul0”.

I’ve since then tried a number of different configurations but never managed to get the display to to show anything - not even backlight.

I had honestly expected the configuration to work out of the box. After hacking on it for a day I still have not gotten it to work.

Specifically I’m trying to get a dual lvds display up and running, 1920x1080@60. Please let me know what additional information I need to supply or set up for the system to work.

Frederik Juul

Please first update to our latest stable or beta BSP as explained here. Second please configure your display according to the following article on our developer website.

Should you still face issues please do not hesitate to contract us again.