How to enable interlacing?

I’m trying to do videocapture on the basis of the CameraDemo example. I use Colibri T20, MAX9526, WinCE7, custom board.

CameraDemo works correctly, but the maximum image size, which I managed to achieve 720 x 288 pixels. But the standard ITU-R BT.656 allows the image size 720 x 576 pixels. How can I achieve that size?

I guess CameraDemo does not understand interlacing and considers each field as a separate frame. How to enable interlacing? I tried to describe videoformat as VIDEOINFOHEADER2 with flag AMINTERLACE_IsInterlaced instead VIDEOINFOHEADER, but I get the error E_INVALID_ARGUMENT. Maybe I was doing something wrong. How to do it properly?

The Tegra camera stack is not supporting de-interlace. So, presently de-interlace will not work for MAX9526. The only way would be software de-interlace on the application side. Camera Demo application source code is shared here. Capture double the height of interlaced video and try software de-interlace on the application side.

We have a new analogue camera adapter (ACA), it supports hardware de-interlace.The Camera demo application supports ACA as well.

Please let us know if you need any further help.