How to disable T20 splashscreen programatically

We need to disable the splashscreen on the T20 because we have used some of the display pins to control some hardware (We have used all the easy pins already!). The spashscreen causes noise in our hardware for a few seconds before our firmware starts and changes the pin configurations to turn them into GPIO pins. We disable the splashscreen using the config block tool, which does work but that’s not really practical in a production environment.

I would prefer to be able to disable the splashscreen by using a library call from my firmware which sets ss.enable to 0. This would be similar to the way the MAC address can be set using the SetMACAddress() library call which writes to the config block. Is there a library call which I can use to change the setting of ss.enable in the config block?

The splashscreen tool has a checkbox to disable the splashscreen, so the source code of the splashscreen tool must contain the code that I am looking for! Could you share that piece of code with me?

You can use the config block editor which allows you to set config block settings programmatically. There is a batch mode you can use. You find the documentation here. Currently there is no API available to do that.