How to detect the flash device containing the bootloader / OS (NAND or eMMC Module)?


I’ve been working with the Toradex T20 NVIDIA cpu modules in combination with a fitting carrier board in order to flash the Toradex Embedded Linux BSP quite a while now.

Currently I am searching for a reliable information source to relate to whether these modules we have in approach in the production side are eMMC or NAND based Toradex modules?

Where would I correctly look for this information: bootlaoder or Linux?
This question result of my need to clone the whole system including all configuration respectively services I have applied manually to.

Which declarations of device would mean which (flash)-memory (in boot-log or sysfs)?

I would be very thankful for any constructive contribution of you :slightly_smiling_face:

Colibri T20 512MB V1.2A
Colibri Carrier Board
Linux BSP 2.8.7

All Colibri T20 SKUs have a raw NAND flash only.
All Colibri T30 modules are equipped with eMMC storage only.
You can get a module type by reading /proc/cpuinfo

Hello Alex,

thank you for your clarifying answer.

Which procedure would you recommend to fully or most possible configuration clone or backup the image that is stored onto the NAND of a T20 module.

May I ask you to help me with eventually extisting article.
Or would there be a practical approach you could describe to me.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.

Hi @CoQuarksde ,

Welcome to the community.

here you have one way of doing it.

Enter the commands below into U-boot.

# tell to start ubi (set current partition)
ubi part ubi
# list layout
ubi info layout
# read a ubi volume
ubi read ${loadaddr} kernel
# now you can save it on a USB stick with the command  
help save 

Be aware that this loads everything into RAM first before saving it on the stick.

Let me know if it worked as you expected.

Best Regards