How to create config file for Easy Installer


I am using OpenEmbedded for generating images. The result is named like: Apalis_iMX6_LinuxImageV2.6.1_20170719.tar.bz2

How can i use this file with Easy Installer?

Thanks in advance

This file can not directly be used with the Toradex Easy Installer. With the latest BSP 2.7b3 you would also be getting a file called Apalis-iMX6_LXDE-Image_2.7b3-20170719.tar which could by used. That said you could just extract such a .tar file and replace its contents with what you built. More information about the Toradex Easy Installer and its customisation may be found here.

Is there any difference between the tar.bz2 files and the .tar file except that the first on is compressed? I downloaded and the content looks quite similar to mine? Which additional files do i need exactly? Or where to get the correct .tar file from?

No, the .tar and .tar.bz2 files are completely different in this case. Have a look at the Toradex Easy Installer website for the proper .tar file and inspect its contents.

I downloaded the tezi image and replaced bootfs and rootfs with my files. However the Easy Installer does not list my image…
Note that i renamed some files, e.g. bootfs.tar.xz and rootfs.tar.xz but i changed image.json accordingly.

How/where exactly did you deploy that Toradex Easy Installer Embedded Linux image?

I would suggest starting off with a blank SD card or USB memory stick and copying only one stock Toradex Easy Installer Embedded Linux image. Then plug it into your target and see whether or not your Toradex Easy installer recognises that one. Then as a next step erase it again and copy your stuff.

I found out that the image has to be extracted and not tar’ed. So Easy Installer sees my image now and installs it.
Now when i reboot my system i get the error:

SPL: failed to boot from all boot devices

What could possibly went wrong?
(i replaced u-boot as well… could this be a problem?)

You should not have replaced U-Boot as we nowadays use a separate SPL/U-Boot combination which won’t work with your older U-Boot. Alternatively one would need to change the json and replace the SPL with your U-Boot and get rid of the second U-Boot entry (the one with an offset).

Will there be a way to generate an EasyInstaller image from a yocto/oe-core image?


Will there be a way to generate an EasyInstaller image from a yocto/oe-core image?

Starting with image versions 2.7b2, when you bitbake an image it automatically creates a file in the Toradex Easy Installer format.

So in addition to the ‘traditional’ <machine>_<image>_<version>.tar.bz2 file you get a <machine>_<image>_<version>.tar which you can use with the Toradex Easy Installer.

The magic is done with this bitbake class added to the relevant IMAGE_* bitbake variables in the machine config.