How to create a project in QT for linux in T20?

I am trying to build and deploy a simple form application using QT creator to Colibri T20. I have created Image Version 2.8.2 version image and sdk build using openembedded system from toradex repository. I have installed new image in Target and sdk in the host and configured QT as per toradex page for QT.

After configuring QT paths and Target for cross compiling, the page is not giving any details about the type of Project we need to start? is it a QT widgets app? or is it a QT quick App?
Could anybody provide some info about the steps or can I get a sample project with a just blank form ( which I am trying to do to start)

Hi UroBorosTech

The Toradex Page for QT, how you can set up the Qt Toolchain for Toradex Modules. For your first Application you can have a look here. Once your application is working, you just need to compile it with the QT Toolchain for Toradex Modules. That’s it.

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The page mentioned above describes a console application not a GUI based application?
For a GUI application using QT in T20 which QT project type I should make?
Qt widget type or QT quick or anything else?

It depends what you want to do? I think you should start first with Qt Widget, since this is easy to learn. For more Information, you can read this discussion.