How to create a new partition on eMMC


We are using Apalis iMX8 SOM and yocto build (not using Torizon)

I am trying to create a new partition on eMMC to store our product-specific data log files (as part of the yocto build). I tried to modify wic file by following a couple of links posted in the NXP community. Also, I am not finding a wic file specific to Toradex.

Any help/pointers on this will be a great help


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Hello Dhanya,

Creating a new partition on the eMMC for storing product-specific data log files involves modifying the partition layout of your device. Since you’re using Yocto for the Apalis iMX8 SOM and not Torizon, the process will involve customizing the Yocto build to include this new partition.

The .wic file is a part of the Yocto Project’s OpenEmbedded build system, used to create disk images. If you’re not finding a .wic file specific to Toradex, it’s likely because Toradex provides pre-built images and BSP layers that you can customize, rather than direct .wic files.

Here’s a general approach to achieve your goal:

  1. Modify the Yocto Recipe: You’ll need to modify the Yocto recipe that defines the image creation for your device. This typically involves editing the .bb or .bbappend files associated with your image or BSP layer to include additional partitioning commands.

  2. Customize the WIC File: If your build already uses a .wic file or if you decide to create one, you’ll need to edit this file to define the new partition. The .wic syntax allows you to specify partitions, their sizes, and the filesystem types. You can add a line for your new data log partition, specifying its size and filesystem type (e.g., ext4).

    Example snippet to add to a .wic file:

    part /log --source rootfs --rootfs-dir=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/log --fstype=ext4 --label log --size=500M

    This example assumes you have a directory prepared with the log data or structure you want to include in the image. Adjust the --size parameter as needed for your logs.

  3. Adjust the Machine Configuration: Ensure your machine’s configuration file (e.g., conf/machine/apalis-imx8.conf) reflects any global changes required for the new partition, such as increased total storage size.

  4. Build Your Image: After making these changes, you can proceed with building your Yocto image. Ensure to clean the build for the affected recipes to avoid using cached versions that don’t include your modifications.

  5. Testing: Once the image is built, flash it to your device and verify that the new partition is created as expected and is usable for storing your data logs.

Remember, modifying the partition layout can affect the

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Hi @Dhanyakumar ,
In addition to the above suggestions by Toradex AI, you can refer this post as well.
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