How to contro a reserved pin in colibri imx7d devlopment board

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I want to control X1 pin 87 which is already reserved for ResetOut#. please tell me easiest possible way how i can do that.

The Hight state of ResetOut# signal indicate that module is fully powered and running . That pin controlled by PIMIC and here is no ease way to control it by software.
Could you please explain what is a reason you want to control it?

@alex.tx Thanks for your reply!

We made a design with two IMX7d colibri modules and for testing purpose in want to make RestOut# low.

Can I do it anyhow using device tree or something else? is there any way to do so?

There is no way to control the pin 87 . However you can place a gate on your carrier board between Pin 87 and board’s RestOut#, and control that gate by any other GPIO