How to connect to a printer using a toradex embedded device

I created a qt application that uses the printer to print on the paper. Its working fine in ubuntu qt environment. Means its printing using that printer. But as soon as I deployed the project on the embedded device that has toradex operating system. The application is unable to connect to the printer and this process cannot get completed.
Its a usb printer.
So my question is just connecting the printer to the usb of the device will make printer, ready to print or I have to additionally implement the drivers in that system. And I am having no Idea for how to do the later thing.

Is toradex comes with printing drivers or something , means if I am doing something wrong in the code or, Its a hardware or software or driver deficiency to get connected to plug and play usb printer.

Can you share more details please? Which Toradex module do you use? Which image version is on the module? Which USB printer device? There is hplip software package which can be added to the image with OpenEmbedded, which one can try in case of HP printers. We never tested any printers at our end and our default images do not come with any printer related drivers or software installed.

More generally cups is usually what is used for printing in Linux. However as @sanchayan.tx pointed out this is not installed by default on any of our BSPs.

Printer Name-> HP photoshop Plus E All-IN-ONE B210a.
Toradex Version-> Toradex Colibri IMX6
Image Verison-> cannot find it out.

So @marcel.tx told that, cups are not installed in the device so, is there any way to install them. I know ,to install them we have to use the terminal of the linux but cant find any way to open terminal in the embedded machine.

And I found that linux boards are used with embedded device for connecting with the printer. So if i use them with the device, will it be able to connect to the printer?

And one more thing->
During debugging of the code on the embedded device, while connected with printer, a terminal code is executed with output of printer’s name. and a driver error. Is it possible that drivers of printer like cups are not installed in the device, is the reason the printer cannot be accessed from the device.

NOTE: code ran successfully on the ubuntu based computer system.

The image version can be found from the command line

cat /etc/issue

OpenEmbedded setup would be required to build an image with cups and hplip installed. Once the OE setup is complete, add the following to ~oe-core/build/conf/local.conf

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " cups hplip"

and then build the image with

MACHINE=colibri-imx6 bitbake angstrom-lxde-image

Note that while cups seems to be available in angstrom feeds, one would still require OE build to include hplip in the image.

You may first try and check if the printer just works with cups by installing cups as follows

opkg update
opkg install cups