How to connect printer to apalis imx6 and take print

i have conneect my EPSON printer to laptop and printer detect as a lp0 on it then using lp0 and ESC/POS i am able to take printout but whenever i connect printer to Apalis board at usb port then its not detect as a lp0 on board please help me how to use printer on apalis iMX6 board

A lot of epson printers only have x86 drivers. What model are you trying to use?

i am trying EPSON TM-T82ii

have a look here:

actually i dont want to use any python library because development for printer is already done in c on desktop i just want to port it on board but problem is that printer not get detected as a lp0 so please help how to configure printer so that its get detects as a lp0 on board thank you

You can try rebuilding the kernel with CONFIG_USB_PRINTER enabled or configured as a module. If you can share kernel log from your laptop after connecting this printer, that would be helpful as well.

please can you mention procedure for rebuilding kernel

Procedure can be found here: