How to configure a colibri-imx6 as a USB-device on a Windows-Host

Hi All.

We have a colibri-imx6 on a colibri-eval board, and we are wanting to “mount” the colibri-imx6 as a USB-device on Windows Host.

Carrier Board : Colibri Eval V3.1a
BSP Version : Colibri-iMX6_LXDE-Image 2.7b4 20171005
Intended Host : Windows 10

Following are the first-hand observations ::

When the USB-cable is connected between Windows-host and Colibri-Eval-RS232-USB-port, a COM-port is listed as expected in the windows device-manager. Also, an (additional) entry in the USB-controller listing is shown as expected.

This rules out any faulty-cable scenario.

When the same USB-cable is connected between Windows-host and Colibri-Eval-OTG-USB-port, absolutely nothing changes anywhere in the windows device-manager.

I tried to access registry as per, but no such registry is seen in Windows-10.

Where can I start digging from?
Will be great to listen back from experts …

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Hi All. suggests that the colibri-usb-otg-port ought to behave as a client-port by default.

My hardware-engineering colleague probed pin-137/USB_C_DET on the eval-board, and found it to have 3.3V.
Could this be the issue? Does this pin really ought to have 5V only?

Will be grateful for some help in this regard.

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Dear @ajay.garg

The articles you are referring to are both settings to configure the USB device behavior of a Windows CE device, the settings are not to be configured on the Windows 10 host.

Measuring USB_C_DET = 3.3V is correct. There is simple voltage divider on the Colibri Evaluation board, which transforms the 5V USB power supply into a 3.3V digital signal suitable for the Colibri module.

Regards, Andy

Thanks andy for the reply.

However, my original reqirement still remains; will be grateful to obtain a clue from experts.
Is identification of colibri-board (as USB-device) on Windows-10 even possible?


The LXDE-Image is configured to provide an RNDIS gadget. Windows 10 should have the RNDIS driver installed by default.

So when you connect your Evaluation Boards X29 or X30 to your PC then Windows 10 should find a new network adapter with ‘RNDIS’ as part of its name.

If you need another USB gadget please refer to the USB Device Mode (Linux) article.